Strategic Survival is about planning and preparation so that when life-threatening scenarios flare up you will have the necessary knowledge, supplies, and equipment to get through it.

This book covers the most significant potential disaster scenarios we face in our modern world and details the overlapping personal, family, and community affects of each. With an understanding of the potential problems we face you're ready to explore strategies to survive them.

Learn about equipment and supplies you can carry with you, and skills to develop to use them effectively. Learn how to travel safely should you need to get home, or somewhere away from home, in an emergency. Learn about three levels of survival "retreats" including your home, a place to live during or after a disaster, and a place to hide when other places aren't safe. Learn about inexpensive shelters that will protect you from nuclear fallout and exposure to hot or cold weather without dependence on energy or fuel. Learn about caching valuable equipment and supplies, and maintaining mobility. Finally, learn about trading, building communities based on need, and setting a foundation for future prosperity.

This is a great book for beginners with references to dozens of other recommended books about survival, preparedness, infrastructure, food production, and of course works of fiction to stimulate the imagination and provide some entertainment along the way. This book also references many specific products to save you time on research and give you examples of things you may find useful both now and after the world is no longer as we know it.

Written by an author who is not a survival professional, Scenario-Based Strategic Survival comes from the perspective of a busy professional with a hobby of preparedness who wishes he knew all of this many years ago when he started.